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Problems Caused By Expired Wet Wipes


1. The cleaning effect is greatly reduced

All wet wipes have a cleaning effect. The immersion liquid of the cleaning wipes is distilled or purified water, with disinfectant, flavor, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, glycerin, malic acid and other ingredients, which can keep the skin while cleaning. Humidity plays the role of moisturizing skin care, but if the wet wipes expire, the liquid water contained in them will be lost, and the efficacy of disinfectant and other ingredients will be reduced, directly causing its cleaning effect to be greatly reduced, or even no effect.

2. Stimulate the skin of the body

Wet wipes usually contain ingredients such as alcohol and preservatives. This is to maintain a refreshing feeling after use and to extend the use time of wet wipes. Alcohol itself has a certain irritation to the skin, and expired alcohol is irritating to the skin. Will be bigger. In addition, when the preservative loses its effect, the wet wipes are likely to grow mold. Therefore, the use of expired wipes will irritate the skin of the body and endanger the health of the body.

3. Increase skin bacteria

The reason why wet wipes have a shelf life is mainly due to the time for the growth of germs. Each pack of wet wipes is packed in a sealed packaging bag when it leaves the factory. In order to prevent the growth of bacteria, a fungicide is added. After the expiration date, the effect of the bactericide gradually weakens or even disappears, and the humid environment in the wipes is just conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria. In this way, using expired wipes is equivalent to adding bacteria to the skin.

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