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What Is The Hazard Of Expired Baby Diaper


Breeding bacteria

Baby diaper is are a special kind of paper products, which need high temperature sterilization in the manufacturing process. Only paper products after high temperature sterilization can be directly sealed and packaged to better prevent the growth of bacteria. However, the effectiveness of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited after all, and there is no guarantee of sterility after the expiration date. Therefore, once the diaper expires, it must be used by the baby. Even the expired diaper that has not been opened is refused to use it again, because the bacteria have begun to breed in the diaper.

Easy to leak

The bottom layer of the baby diaper is made of PE film or PE film + non-woven fabric. The PE film is prone to photo-oxidation. After the diaper is placed for 3 years, the bottom layer will begin to age or crack. Therefore, do not use the expired diapers for the baby. It will increase the chance of urine leakage, and be careful that it is easy to penetrate urine.

Expired baby diaper will affect the absorption, and will break down. In serious cases, it may cause the baby's red butt or allergies.

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