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Uses Of Adult Diapers


Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence products, one of adult care products, and a disposable diaper mainly suitable for incontinent adults.

Most adult diapers are sheet-shaped when purchased, and shorts-shaped when worn. Use adhesive sheets to connect into a pair of shorts. The adhesive sheet also has the function of adjusting the waist size so as to fit different fat and thin body shapes.

Generally, the structure of diapers is divided into three layers from the inside to the outside. The inner layer is made of non-woven fabric close to the skin; the middle layer is water-absorbing fluff pulp with polymer water-absorbing agent; the outer layer is an impermeable plastic film.

Suitable for people with moderate to severe incontinence, bedridden patients with paralysis, lochia during puerperium, etc.

Traffic jams, people unable to go to the toilet when going out, and college entrance examinations.

For example, during the World Cup, many young fans who want to cheer for the team outdoors choose to buy adult diapers in order to deal with emergency situations when they are waiting for their seats.