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The Necessity Of Using Maternity Pads


The use of maternal pads is a need for health: effectively avoiding maternal infections. Ordinary sanitary napkins are made of chemical fibers and contain adhesives, fluorescent whitening agents and other chemical ingredients. They are not suitable for women's highly sensitive skin. They are prone to irritation and cause maternal infections. Ordinary sanitary napkins have average water absorption and are prone to side leakage and backflow. , Can not cope with a large number of postpartum lochia; during use, the surface of the sanitary napkin is humid and hot, which not only makes the mother feel wet and sticky, but also contains nutrients suitable for the rapid growth of bacteria, which is useful for the healing of the mother’s wounds. Extremely unfavorable. Many sanitary napkins increase the thickness of the laminate in order to improve the waterproof performance, but the waterproof performance is too high, and the breathability and moisture permeability are poor, which can easily cause skin irritation, cause rash, red itching and other problems. It is very unsuitable for postpartum. Women use. It is particularly worth noting that many brands of sanitary napkins are not specially disinfected and cannot meet the hygienic standards of a completely sterile state. For pregnant women in sensitive periods, there are obviously safety risks, so it is necessary to have used maternity pads.