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Hiya Sanitary Napkin Pad is a 8 layers of protection. Firstly it comes comfortable perforated soft cotton surface. Secondly it is side guards, soft cotton fabric prevents side leakage. Thirdly, negative ion chip with soothing minty feel. Forth part is the air laid ultra soft paper transmits fluid towards the super absorbent polymer. Biodegradable super absorbent polymer comes the fifth part. Sixth part is the air laid ultra soft paper with high quality lock water factor. Seventh part comes the breathable pe bottom film. The final part is the food grade back adhesive for a better fit to the underwear. 
When wearing hiya sanitary napkin, the users feel like nothing wearing. It is unbelievably thin and flexible quality. It conforms to the users’ shapes, and super absorbent cores that pull wetness away from the skins. Our Hiya sanitary napkins’driest top layer is breathable too, therefore the users will not feel hot and stuffy. 
Women let us say goodbye to the uncomfortness during the menstrual period. Come to trust and choose our hiya sanitary napkin. It will not disappoint you. Here also free samples are available. You just pay a little courier cost to have a try in our sanitary napkins. We are waiting for you. 

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