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How To Distinguish Baby Wet Wipes Goog Or Bad


Baby wipes can replace towels to clean baby’s dirty hands and dirty face, and can play a role in moisturizing. It is also a good helper for babies with diarrhea and ass. However, some inferior baby wet wipes are not suitable for children. How good is the towel?

Do not buy baby wipes that contain alcohol. Some adult baby wet wipes contain alcohol, which acts as a disinfectant, but baby wipes cannot contain alcohol, otherwise it will cause discomfort to the child's skin and even allergies. Generally, whether it contains alcohol is marked on the packaging bag at the time of purchase.

Good baby wet wipes cannot contain fluorescent agents. Fluorescent agents are chemical dyes, which cannot be used in baby wipes, which can easily cause the child's immunity to decrease. Therefore, good baby wipes cannot have fluorescent agents, and you must carefully check the components of the wipes.

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