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The Hazards Of Using Expired Wet Wipes


In fact, wet wipes actually have a certain shelf life. If the wet wipes have passed the shelf life, it is not recommended to use them, because the wet wipes contain some ingredients that will cause deterioration. If they are still used, they will have a certain irritation effect on the skin. This can easily lead to skin allergies.

Due to the expiration date, the ingredients inside may deteriorate! After use, it will have an adverse effect on the skin! In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers replace materials such as cotton or fiber. This material wet wipes is prone to mold and deterioration, and there are impurities on the cloth. , Easy to fluff during use. When you find that there is mold on the wet wipes, do not use this kind of wet wipes. If you feel irritation, itching, pain, etc. harm.

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