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How To Use Eco-friendly Maternity Pads


After the mother has given birth to the baby, her immunity will become very weak. At this time, a large amount of bloody substances will be discharged from the vagina. It is necessary to take care of the body in time with scientific methods to avoid cross-spreading of the virus. Then how to use the eco-friendly maternity pads?

1. You can choose to lay the eco-friendly maternity pads directly on the bed, so that even if the amount of lochia discharged from the mother's body is large, there will be no side leakage, let alone the fear of dirtying the sheets. Nursing pads can be placed under the women’s own buttocks to absorb these body excrements. They must be laid on the bed in advance during the lying process. In most cases, the nursing pads are from just delivery to the entire Confinement needs to be used.

2. The eco-friendly maternity pads used in this period is the large sanitary napkin for the parturient. It needs timely bedding so as not to stain the surrounding items. You should also pay great attention when choosing a nursing shop, because there are many The materials, such as those with pure cotton and mesh, can be selected according to personal circumstances.

3. There are also some special people who are allergic to medication-based eco-friendly maternity pads. At this time, you can choose pure cotton. At the same time, you should also pay attention to reasonable replacement and cleaning of your own underwear during confinement. , Take a special basin with high temperature fumigation, after which it is placed in the sun for a long time to dry to prevent bacteria and viruses from being contaminated.