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The Harm Of Cheap Baby Diaper To The Baby


1. cause skin problems

Although expensive things are not necessarily good, many cheap diapers are made of relatively inferior materials, so the price will be cheaper. Such materials generally have poor air permeability, and many of them can easily cause allergies. If the baby's physique is more sensitive, it is easy to have allergic symptoms to this type of diapers, and skin problems such as eczema may appear on the buttocks.

2. induce baby red buttocks

Due to cheap baby diaper and poor air permeability, the baby’s buttocks will remain in a sultry environment for a long time. With the frequent friction of materials, the skin is seriously damaged and red buttocks will occur. Some diapers are not properly disinfected and sterilized, and some bacteria can be spread to the baby's buttocks, causing problems such as red buttocks.

3. cause urinary tract infection

Many cheap baby diaper are of poor quality and carry some viruses. If they are infected with the baby's urinary tract, it will cause infections of the genitals and urinary tract. In addition, cheap diapers are mostly hard and poorly shaped. Wearing for a long time, the baby will wear the skin between the legs, causing problems such as redness and swelling.

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