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How To Buy Adult Diapers


Water absorption. Water absorption capacity-is the most important and basic function of adult diapers. Practical diapers must have a large absorption capacity, so that urine dirt can be absorbed cleanly and the skin can be kept clean. Adult diapers with large absorption capacity use more polymer water-absorbing resin to achieve greater absorption capacity, rapid absorption, and keep dry. In addition, the water-locking performance of molecular water-absorbing resin is also very good. The water-locking and water-absorbing work cooperate with each other to firmly absorb urine and avoid spillage.

Breathability. The reason why wearing diapers feels airtight is mainly due to the accumulation of moisture brought by urine. How to expel moisture quickly depends on the speed at which urine is absorbed. In order to pursue a more comfortable wearing experience, adult diapers

Using the original fluff pulp, the moisture absorption time is short, and the moisture absorption speed is fast, so that the urine is quickly absorbed after passing through the inner surface layer, and the damage of moisture to the skin is minimized.

Comfort. When it comes to comfort, in addition to the dryness brought by breathability, the most important thing to pay attention to is the skin-friendly nature of diapers. The inner surface of the diaper is in direct contact with the skin. If you have allergies or use rough fabrics, wear such adult diapers for a long time, the skin will have rashes, bumps, blisters, and even skin ulcers in severe cases. Adult diapers use high-grade non-woven fabrics, which are softer than ordinary non-woven fabrics, have better permeability, and give users a cotton-like soft feeling.